• Cylinders

    Roquet offers cylinders for arduous applications. The majority of the cylinders produced have case-hardened rods with extremely high corrosion resistance. Tubes are honed after welding ports which contributes to long seal life and makes piston-over-port damping an option.  Dinacil has been robot assembling volume cylinders since 2004.

  • Gear pumps and motors

    Roquet produces aluminium and cast-iron bodied gear pumps and motors from 0.33-150 cm3/rev. All covers are cast-iron (from our own foundry) which reduces noise, increases life and makes possible in-built valves for speed control, etc. Roquet has an anechoic chamber where the Roquet gear profile has been optimized for lower noise levels.

  • Control valves

    Roquet has a broad range of catalogue mobile hydraulic control valves - and develops new (generally monoblock) valves for specific mobile OEM applications. Historically Roquet valves have been well-known for being robust and reliable - more recently we have developed more sophisticated valves for the latest OEM requirements of control and instrumentation.

  • Other products

    Apart from the three main product groups, Roquet also develops valves and systems for specific applications where experience with a wide range of different hydraulic components can be combined to develop an interesting solution. Examples are levelling valves, agricultural marker valves, compact power-packs, electro-hydraulic actuators, etc.