The hydraulic solutions developed by Roquet satisfy  the requirements of many of the main global OEM manufacturers of construction, agricultural, mechanical handling and transport machinery.

  • Agricultura


    Roquet started producing hydraulic equipment for tractors in the early 1960's. These included 3-point hitch assemblies and radial piston pumps.

    Today the main agricultural applications for Roquet are: agricultural front loaders, agricultural back-hoe attachments, air seeders and other planting machines, harvesting machines for many different crops and turf-machinery.

  • Roquet


    Roquet has a long history supplying manufacturers of construction machinery arround the world.

    Following the crisis of 2008/9 the company has developed products for various specific global OEM applications: mini-excavators, skid-steer loaders, wheeled-loaders and compact wheeled-loaders, medium and compact back-hoes, vibrating dual-drum compactors, telescopic loaders, off-road fork-lifts, etc. The range of applications covered continues to grow.

  • Transporte


    The main transport applications for Roquet are hook lifts and skip lifts. For these two applications Roquet has developed a wide range of specialist control valves to suit specific OEM requirements. These requirements include extreme temperatures, fully integrated electro-pneumatic control, direct-electric control, two-speed function, safety inter-locks, flow control, sequencing, etc.

    Roquet also develops specialist valves for truck and other vehicle steering and braking systems.

  • Otras aplicaciones


    Other applications in which Roquet has substantial experience include: fork-lift trucks, renewable energy (wind turbines, photo-electric, wave power, etc.), lifting applications (passenger loading bridges / jetways, dock levellers, access platforms, dam gates, etc.) and food machinery.


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