• Desarrollo de producto
    Desarrollo de producto


    Adapted to your needs

    The development of new products is a priority for Roquet. The R&D department maintains a close relationship with our customers and their applications today to ensure that we can develop solutions for them tomorrow.

    Timely investments in new production facilities ensures that new developments can be brought to market seamlessly.

    Some new products developed for specific applications are also applicable to other applications and thus also become part of our standard product offering.

  • Engineering

    Designed to last

    The design engineering department at Roquet Hydraulics includes teams of engineers for each of the product ranges of the group. Each of these teams is led by an engineer with substantial experience in production processes and an in-depth understanding of customer applications.

    Project teams are formed for the design and development of solutions for specific new application requirements. These project teams include members of the different product teams as required - and also include electronic and control engineers for Hydraulics 4.0 applications.

    Project leaders take overall responsibility for their projects and are the focus for communication with the customer as the project develops.



  • Foundry

    Roquet´s guarantee from the first step

    The Roquet Group has it´s own Foundry : Fundiciones de Roda, S.A. The foundry is specialized in complex castings with sophisticated cores and strict requirements for grey and, especially, nodular/SG/ductile iron quality.

    Vertical integration of one of the critical material suppliers for many of our products offers us opportunities for technical, quality and logistic advantages. 

    Some of our larger competitors also purchase from our foundry.

  • Roquet


    Continuous quality control

    The prime objective of Roquet Hydraulics is he total satisfaction of their customers expectations in terms of the quality of the products and services offered. The following 5 principles are applied in all processes:

    1.  “Right first time”-  make parts well the first time.
    2. Continuously establish standards Measure - then progress and perpetuate the results.
    3. Industrial efficiency - growth by continuous improvement of the current solutions.
    4. Ensure the full involvement of all functional groups within the organization during the development of both products and production processes.
    5. Integration of suppliers.
  • Roquet


    Trust and professionalism

    Roquet Group purchasing strategies and guidelines are to build and strengthen the relatioship with our suppliers, offering  opportunities for development  and stability.

    Mutual trust , impartiality , transparency and respect are fundamental values for Roquet. These values form the basis of the relationship with our suppliers who form a critical foundation for customer satisfaction.

    During the selection of suppliers we focus on competitiveness, innovation, best practices and quality guarantees. The process is conducted through objective evaluation of the main features of the supplier, with specific attention to aspects of sustainability, improvement of the production process and rationalization.


  • Roquet


    Always on time

    The Logistics department at Roquet is responsible for:

    1. Translating customer long term forecasts and short-term firm-order requirements into planned batches suitable for the purchase of raw materials and the production of the required products.
    2. The efficient and timely shipping direct to the customer or local warehouse, as required.